Styling Services

It probably goes without saying, but I’ve always loved fashion. Clothes are a wonderful way to embrace your individuality and express yourself, and I love how putting on a nice outfit in the morning can completely transform how you feel. But as a busy working mother myself, I understand it’s easy to lose your way when it comes to feeling stylish, as the demands of family, work and everyday life take over. Shopping for clothes can be time-consuming and a bit overwhelming, and while you may be desperate to love what you wear each day, you may not be sure quite where to start.

This is where I can help. Whether you are looking for some guidance as to what suits your body shape or want to give your wardrobe a total overhaul, I will show you how to choose clothes that work for you and your lifestyle. And forget thinking that enlisting the help of a stylist is just for the likes of celebrities-or that all stylists are intimidating and judgemental! I work with women of all ages, shapes and sizes and with different budgets, but they all share the common goal of wanting to look and feel the very best versions of themselves. This is all about dressing with confidence, feeling amazing and saving yourself time, money and stress so you can fall in love with fashion again!

Here are the services I offer. If you are looking for a more complete style experience involving more than one service there are also Style Package options available. Or you can mix and match a range of services to create a bespoke package tailored to your needs. Please just ask!

For those who feel like they’ve lost their way when it comes to their individual style and need some guidance. To begin with, I will send you an online questionnaire to complete which is designed to help me find out more about you, how you dress, your body shape and your lifestyle. Once I have reviewed everything, we will schedule a follow-up video call. We will discuss your answers and I will advise you on how to choose shapes, styles and colours that will flatter you and look stylish, and share my tips on styling clothes to create a complete look. Following our video call, you'll receive your personalised style report full of styling advice tailored to your needs, your body shape analysis and the recording of our session.

This service includes: 

- Style questionnaire
- Online Styling Consultation (1 hour)
- Personalised Style Report
- Body Shape Analysis
- Recording of your styling session 
 Price: £130*

Let's get the stress out of shopping and get your personal shopper from the comfort of your own home! This shopping list will be personalised to your style preferences and needs and will include links for you to buy featured items online, saving you time and money-no more expensive mistakes or wasted shopping trips! This service can be followed up with additional support to review what you’ve bought from the lookbook and offer styling advice.

This service includes:
- Online Video Call (20 minutes)
- Personalised Online Shopping List
-Follow Up Support
Price: £50



Do you ever find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe that’s bursting with clothes, but you still can’t find anything to wear? Or buying the same items on repeat? Let me take the stress out of getting dressed. Even though I'll be with you virtually, we will go through your wardrobe together and identify what shapes, styles and colours work for you, and any gaps that need filling to help make it a more functioning wardrobe for your lifestyle. I promise it will make morning dressing easier!

This service includes:
-Style Questionnaire & Closet Instructions
- Online Consultation (30 minutes)
- Recording of the consultation
- Wardrobe report & 10 outfit creations

Price: £95

This time we dig deep! You'll get everything from The Wardrobe Edit Service plus an extra virtual session where I’ll show you how to style and update your current clothes, with tips on creating a selection of stylish, easy-to-wear new looks that suit your personality, shape and lifestyle. I’ll also recommend key items to buy to help enhance and build on your new capsule wardrobe.

This service includes: 
- Style Questionnaire & Closet Instructions

-Online Consultation (30 minutes)
- Recording of the Consultation
- Wardrobe Report & 10 outfit creations
- Follow Up Consultation while you try out the suggested outfits (90' minutes)
-Extra Wardrobe Report

Price: £145