Fashion has been my passion for all my life. 
But after I gave birth to my daughter the only thing I wanted to wear was PJs. And I'm a fashion professional!! I looked myself in the mirror and I didn't recognize me anymore. But by taking small steps (like wearing jeans instead of PJs during the day) and giving myself time to adjust to my new role, I was able to love my new self and my new tummy shape and re-invent my style.   
So going through that process myself I've decided to help others to find the joy of shopping again and understand the power of clothes. 

Stylish Mummy was created to help women, who feel intimidated by stylists, 
to feel welcomed and not judged, save time and money, boost their confidence and have fun with fashion.

*My name is Georgia and I've been working in the fashion industry for quite a while as a personal shopper in big fashion brands, creative manager at big record labels and in buying for many companies. I run my own fashion blog and I freelance as a fashion editor for magazines and websites. Occasionally I design my daughter's clothes and my best friend's skirts!  

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